Artist’s Statement

I am Laura Kraft, a Seattle architect and artist. I started devoting considerable energy to digital printmaking in the latter half of 2013. Much of my current print work explores the ambiguous relationship between positive and negative space, foreground and background, which can create movement (rotation, flipping) as the viewer’s eye seeks to resolve the composition. In this way, the work invites viewers to participate.

My volumetric and spatial pieces start with a blank “canvas.” In other works, found forms, such as calligraphic characters, are stripped of their original meaning and used as armatures for color, textural, and spatial play.

I have created the imagery on Adobe Photoshop Elements 11. I print limited, signed editions of 100, on an Epson R3000 Photo Stylus printer using archival pigment inks and archival paper.


Laura Kraft is an architect in Seattle, specializing in residential work.


blog: 2H Pencil

phone: 206-526-8115

One comment

  1. A good portion of present day contemporary art leaves me limp or wincing. I don’t know if it is my eye, but there seems to be a predominance of blow-up cartoon things or dark and evil scenarios full of unsettling energy.

    I was drawn to your site and work because of its grace and simplicity. The artwork takes center stage which showcases each print in a Zen way.

    I have a passion for color and “form” and was particularly taken by the works in Spatial Studies. The unique combination of colors and form are most appealing to me. Your other sections have many fine pieces too.

    The artwork is divine for a contemporary environment. Very interesting and appealing collection – best wishes for success.


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